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Good Morning everyone! Well it looks like we are going to be stuck with a stay at home order until April 30th, that means that we wont be able to get together to worship in our sanctuary, althought his may be a challenge it is necessary, so here is what we are doing, Sunday Mornings @ 10am we are streaming to Facebook and we will be trying to stream to youtube at the same time, also we are seeking to learn how to use a program we have invested in to show you the scripture and the words to the songs. We will also be meeting in the parking lot until we are told we can't and we plan on doing this for Easter Sonrise, we have parking stalls marked 6 feet apart in order to practice "Social Distancing," Wednesday nights will still be streamed live at 7pm, but we wont be meeting in the parking lot unless the weather gets better, in the meantime please pray, pray for our government officials, pray for our law enforcement officers, pray for our first responders, pray for those scientist God would use to produce a vacine, and a cure, and if you need prayer please feel free to call me @ 909.543.8771 thank you so much, may the Lord bless you and keep you during this time.