Prayer Force



We want to encourage everyone to be in prayer for the many needs of the church body, our families and our community. We have placed a prayer force inside the bulletin for your convenience.





If you, or someone you know needs prayer, please fill out our prayer card and place it in the offering bag or in the offering box in the foyer.






Monday, the 26th    


• Pray for 17-year old Blake who has been diagnosed with cancer and is beginning chemotherapy.    


• Pray for our sister, Vickki and her family with the passing of her mom.  Praise the Lord!  Vickki's mom asked Jesus to be her Savior prior to passing.      


• Pray for Jim to receive Jesus as Savior, and for opportunities for Rachel to speak to him.



Tuesday, the 27th


• Pray for Julie to be able to come to church with Rachel.  


• Pray for Jessica who recently underwent a procedure for removal of an intestinal tumor.


• Pray for Michael's grandmother who had her toe amputated due to diabetes. Pray for healing and a speedy recovery


• Pray for Christians in our country to be bold in sharing the Good news of Jesus. 


Wednesday, the 28th           


• Pray for Amanda who is suffering from seizures.  Pray for her mom, Debbie, who is her care-giver. They are believers.


• Pray for Don to be able to overcome the habit of smoking. 


• Pray for Nicholas to see the truth and accept Jesus as His savior.  


• Pray for Merry to have victory over weight loss. 


Thursday, the 29th 


• Pray for Mary and the Reyes family as Mary continues her cancer treatment. Pray for strength and healing as she goes through chemotherapy. 


• Pray for Kathy's brother, Glenn, who had a kidney removed due to cancer. Glenn and his wife, Shelley, are non-believers. 


• Pray for Ron who suffers from leg pain and sleeplessness.  



Friday, the 30th      


• Pray for the Valdez family who lost a loved one in their sleep while on a vacation.


• Pray for the Rodriguez family to have peace since the passing of their family member, Linda.  Pray for Michael to be aware of opportunities to witness.


• Pray for our brother, Jim Jones, who is having eye surgery on September 5th.  Pray for Jim to have peace. 



Saturday, the 31st   


• Praise the Lord!  Crystal has received guardianship of little Steven!


• Pray for Pam for opportunities for witnessing to co-workers, and to be a shining light for the Lord wherever He leads. 


• Pray for Robert who after having a craniectomy is back in ICU with a gallbladder removal.  Pray also his oxygen levels are brought up to normal.



Sunday, the 1st           


• Pray for Krystale who continues to battle migraines and back pain.  Pray her new medication works and that it is covered by insurance.   


• Pray for James, Rachel, Fiona and Ethan that the Lord would heal them so they can serve with our church family.


• Pray for Pastor Gary and his family.  He completely severed his baby finger, and his wife and kids were in a head on collision.  They are sore, but good.


• Pray for Church in the park to continue to minister to teenagers gathering around to hear the word!