Prayer Force



We want to encourage everyone to be in prayer for the many needs of the church body, our families and our community. We have placed a prayer force inside the bulletin for your convenience.





If you, or someone you know needs prayer, please fill out our prayer card and place it in the offering bag or in the offering box in the foyer.


Monday, the 2nd


• Pray for Gregory who is suffering from a broken leg. pray for healing.


• Pray for Crystal to have wisdom in seeking legal gaudianship of a precious young boy. Pray the courts would find favor in thier petition.


• Pray for Cheryl's daughter to have healing from a bad kidney infection.


• Pray for Jeff who is struggling with depression.



Tuesday, the 3rd  


• Praise the Lord! Through the Lord's guidance, Kevin has found relief from pain, and is able to sleep at night.


• Pray for Frank and Alice who have health and family issues. pray for Franks healing and relief of stress on Alice.


• Pray for pastor David who is going through family problems. 


• Pray for Robin and Dennis to find a swift solution to a current situation.



Wednesday, the 4th!


• Pray for Gretchen who is going through Chemotherapy for breast cancer.


• Pray for Charlie who is having a tough time getting around.


• Pray for Vikki's health and her knee. Pray for God's direction regarding a third surgery.


• Pray that Antionette, Mariana's mother, is healed from her illness.  


Thursday, the 5th


• Pray for our brother, George, He has fallen a second time and pulled a muscle in his back. Pray for healing


• Praise the Lord! With treatment Debbies cancer has been shrinking! Pray that her current skin cancer treatments would heal quickly.


• Praise the Lord! Paul's second PET scan was good! Pray for continued healing.  



Friday, the 6th


• Pray for Milt, he has had some improvement while being hospitalized for COPD


• Pray for Darla, she has inoperable stage 4 brain cancer. Pray for her salvation, and that she does not suffer much.


• Pray for Ariel, she needs surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, and is also suffering from endometriosis.


• Pray for Madison, who has diabetes and is struggling with managing it. Pray for God's healing. 


Saturday, the 7th


• Pray for Deborah's Dad, he has stage 2 colon cancer and needs radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.  


• Pray for Javier and the boys as Marrianne has gone on to be with the Lord.


• Pray for Michael and Mariana in theor new found faith, that they would learn patience, with each other and thier kids.


• Pray for Debbie's family, that they would find God's peace in their hearts. 


• Pray for our children's outreach to Landers Elementary School through CEF, pray that God would make disciples of the kid's and they would reach out to their school and family. 


Sunday, the 8th         


• Pray for Jesse, Virginia's brother he had a stroke, and is learning how to live again, pray for his salvation. 


• Pray for comfort for Dan, Debbie and their family, during this time. Praise the Lord for Dan's, Dad's graduation into heaven!


• Pray for Pauline, she has pancreatic cancer, and for her daughter, Cathy who recently lost her husband.