Prayer Force



We want to encourage everyone to be in prayer for the many needs of the church body, our families and our community. We have placed a prayer force inside the bulletin for your convenience.





If you, or someone you know needs prayer, please fill out our prayer card and place it in the offering bag or in the offering box in the foyer.


Monday, the 19th


• Pray for all those in Florida who have lost loved ones in the recent school shootings and in the clause of a bridge.


• Pray for Hannah family and friends as Mick Hannah has gone on to be with the Lord.


• Pray for Ariel who needs surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and suffers from endometriosis.


• Pray for Ashley as she recovers from an accident, she has brain swelling, broken bone and faces multiple surgeries.



Tuesday, the 20th  


• Praise the Lord! Paul has recovered from surgery and his cancer is undetectable!


• Pray for our sister Theresa, that God would heal her from her dizzy spells and that the Lord would give the doctors wisdom in what they should prescribe.


• Praise the Lord! Debbie W. is recovering well after having skin cancer surgically removed from her leg.  


• Pray for Deborah's dad, that God would heal his 2nd stage colon cancer, and that he would receive the surgical, radiation and chemotherapy that he needs.



Wednesday, the 21st


• Pray for Kevin and Lida, that God would give them guidance and favor as they begin a new business venture.


• Praise the Lord! Jeff's friend Greg, had successful open heart surgery, pray for his continued healing and that he would experience God's presence.


• Pray for Charlie, Diane's husband as he gets ready to receive radiation treatment.


• Praise the Lord! Kenia has a job! Continue to pray for her kids and that they would be able to visit us again soon.  


Thursday, the 22nd


• Pray for Pastor Raul Ries as he is suffering from seizures while teaching the word of God. Pray for God's grace and mercy and for his healing power to touch pastor Raul.


• Pray for Dino, that God would open his eyes to the love and grace, He has for him, pray for his protection and provision.


• Pray for Pastor Ruben's daughter, Crystal, that through all she is going through would finally surrender her life to the Lord.  


• Pray for Ember as his parents make decisions that will affect his life that they would come up with a good and fair plan for visitation.



Friday, the 23rd


• Pray for Margie that she would be able to stay in her current home and for her continued healing of her hip.


• Pray for Javier and Marriane. She is suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. 


• Pray for Frank and Alice as they suffer from various health problems, that the Lord would give them both peace in their situation and that God would glorify Himself through them, as they are witnesses of God's goodness and grace.


• Praise the Lord! Jim and Diane's daughter in-law, Hayley, is healing well from her face shingles.



Saturday, the 24th


• Pray for our military, here and abroad, pray for our highway patrol, sheriff's, fire and emergency departments as they risk their lives for our freedoms, safety and protection.


• Pray for David's financial situation.


• Pray for Linda's quick recovery and healing after her open heart surgery.


• Praise the Lord! Debbie U's cancer has been shrinking! Continue to pray that the treatments for her skin cancer would heal her quickly


• Pray for our children's outreach to Landers Elementary School through CEF, pray that God would make disciples of the kid's and they would reach out to their school and family. 


Sunday, the 25th         


• Praise the Lord! Jerry and Beverly have healed from their broken bones, continue to pray for God's grace and protection. 


• Pray for brother Richard and Luiza, Luiza has blood cancer and is receiving treatment, pray for God's will, for His healing touch, for comfort and that God would be glorified.


• Pray for hard for Darla's salvation that she would experience God's grace, love and mercy, pray for a miraculous healing, as she endures stage 4 inoperable brain cancer.


• Pray for Dave, as he suspects that his lung cancer has returned, that God would give all involved the wisdom to for next steps and treatment.