Prayer Force



We want to encourage everyone to be in prayer for the many needs of the church body, our families and our community. We have placed a prayer force inside the bulletin for your convenience.





If you, or someone you know needs prayer, please fill out our prayer card and place it in the offering bag or in the offering box in the foyer.






Monday,the 29th    


• Pray for the Reyes family as they go through the adoption process for their precious Sariah. 


• Praise the Lord!  Hayley is feeling so much better from her "mysterious" illness.      


• Pray for Katurah who is in an extremely stressful work situation.  Pray the Lord's will for her in this matter.


• Pray for Greg to be healed from a stroke, heart attack, to be able to walk again, and for strength for the family.



Tuesday, the 30th


• Pray that the swelling on Jim's knee goes down, and that it is healed completely.


• Pray for Patrick's finger to be healed fully and completely.


• Praise the Lord! Little Brynlee has recovered.  Pray for a complete  healing.



Wednesday, the 1st           


• Pray for Nora.  That she would be healed from her illness.


• Pray for the Reyes family as Mary continues her cancer treatment.  Pray for strength and healing as she goes through this process. 


• Pray for Gary and Krystale as they seek wisdom from the Lord for financial provisions in their life.  


• Pray for Charlie's health that is failing.  He is having trouble walking, and he is also becoming blind. 


Thursday, the 2nd 


• Please pray for Fran who recently suffered a heart attack and is have a stint placed in her artery very soon.


• Pray for Don who recently had a heart attack and will soon have open heart surgery. 


• Pray for Carey and her family for healing and comfort after the loss of her husband and the children's father.  



Friday, the 3rd      


• Pray for Danny's family to have the Lord's peace after the loss of his mother.


• Pray for Heather to know Jesus and not be deceived.  Pray for safety as she is homeless with an unbelieving boyfriend.


• Pray for Angelita who desires to have a relationship with her dad.  Also pray for her grandma to be returned to good health. 



• Pray for Merry who is facing possible knee surgery. Pray that the Lord would guide the doctors' hands. 


Saturday, the 4th   


• Pray for Krystale to be healed from the physical infirmities she is experiencing.


• Pray for Glen who is dealing with congestive heart failure; additionally he is in need of back surgery. 


• Praise the Lord!  Gary's stubborn medical condition is almost healed.


• Pray for the health of the Green family.


Sunday, the 5th           


• Pray for 10-year old, Bimby, who has been diagnosed with a degenerative  disease which causes blindness. 


• Pray for Rosie's brother who has cancer.


• Pray for Chris who is in the hospital, in much pain and is awaiting a health diagnosis.


• Pray that our country turns from our wicked ways.  2 Chronicles 7:14