Prayer Force



We want to encourage everyone to be in prayer for the many needs of the church body, our families and our community. We have placed a prayer force inside the bulletin for your convenience.





If you, or someone you know needs prayer, please fill out our prayer card and place it in the offering bag or in the offering box in the foyer.


Monday, the 19th


• Pray for my kids to return back to the Lord and see their need of Him in their lives.


• Pray for Charlie who took a bad fall.  His new hip was dislocated, and  is suffering.


• Pray that Marianne is able to reconnect with her sister, Pam.



Tuesday, the 20th  


•.Pray for healing in Vickki's legs, and for peace in her home.


• Pray for Javier and Marianne.  She is suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease.


• Pray for my kids to return back to the Lord and seek the Lord's will for their lives.



Wednesday, the 21st


• Pray for Vivian who is placed in a substance abuse program. Pray her mind will stay focused on the Lord.


• Pray for Chic who has an enlarged aorta.


• Praise the Lord! With treatment, Debbie's cancer in her lymph node has been shrinking. Continue to pray for healing.


Thursday, the 22nd


• Pray for Pastor Terry's wife, Debbie, who has cancer.


• Pray for Debbie's daughter, Lorinda, as she goes through breast cancer treatment and is suffering with blisters. 


• Pray for Martha who is suffering from leukemia, and weakness.  Pray for her to regain strength.



Friday, the 23rd


• Pray for Tim who is fighting throat cancer, and is now hospitalized with pneumonia.  Pray for peace and comfort.


•Pray for Joanne, a quadriplegic who has been hospitalized in a sub-acute area.


• Pray for Beverly's daughter,  Virginia, who has stage four cancer. Pray for safety as they live in Germany for a few months.


Saturday, the 24th


• Pray for all the children that have attended the Child Evangelism program at Landers Elementary school. That the seeds that were planted will be watered throughout the summer.


As with the Biblical story of the Prodigal, please pray our son returns to his family.


• Pray for Cynthia. Her cancer has come back. Pray for strength as she goes through treatment at home with medication, also for Oscar to stay strong and to continue to encourage her as he ministers to her.


Sunday, the 25th         


•.Pray for our family to find resolution regarding a huge issue regarding a family member.


• Pray for Pastor Jack Hibbs who is suffering from debilitating insomnia.


• Pray for Jim who has prostate cancer.


• Pray for the singles in the body of Christ that they would trust the Lord to bring their spouse to them.